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Call for Papers for JES special issue

  發布日期:2020-09-09  瀏覽次數:

Institute of World Economy, Fudan University

and Journal of Economic Surveys

Special Issue on “Globalization and Environment: The Roles of China

November 8, 2020 Workshop (Online)

As the second largest and fast growing economy, China occupies a crucial position and has played an important role in the world, especially concerning the future of the planet in terms of globalization and the environment.

What roles China has played in promoting globalization and confronting the environmental challenges? What are the lessons and experiences China gathered which are of value to the global community and other countries in improving the environment and promoting globalization? How China’s efforts including the Belt and Road Initiative could help shape up global or regional development? To address these and related questions and issues, the captioned workshop, partly financed by the Natural Science Foundation of China through project 7183303 will be organized by the Institute of World Economy at Fudan University and Journal of Economic Survey (JES).

The workshop committee invites both theoretical and applied research papers, focusing on China’s roles in globalization or environmental challenges (or the globalization-environment relationship). Some 10-15 papers will be selected for online presentations at the workshop. A sub-set of the workshop papers will be invited for revision, and then publication consideration in the JES special issue after going through the usual double-blind review process. Papers invited for publication consideration in the JES special issue should have a strong literature review component.

Submissions must be in English with good data and solid methodology plus evidence-based policy recommendations or implications. Please send your full paper to fudansjs@163.com by October 8, 2020 (late submissions will not be considered). Corresponding authors of selected papers can expect an acceptance email by mid-October 2020. Unselected papers will not be notified.