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  發布日期:2020-10-16  瀏覽次數:

The School of Economics at Fudan University warmly invites applications for faculty positions at all ranks and in all fields of economics.

On top of the academic resources supplied by Fudan University (Please visit http://www.library.fudan.edu.cn/), the School of Economics also has access to almost all the important economic or financial databases in China.

To know more about the School of Economics, please visit https://www.jiemiseo.cn/

Job Requirements

Candidates at the rank of associate or full professor must have demonstrated an outstanding record in research and teaching. Candidates at the rank of assistant professor should have a Ph.D. already in hand or firmly expected by August 2021 and should show promise of significant scholarship and teaching ability.

Application Instruction

Applicants must submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and job market paper(s) electronically to econsearch@fudan.edu.cn(Only electronic submissions will be accepted.) and have three reference letters sent through email to econsearch@fudan.edu.cn.

The application email title SHOULD be in the format of Name+Research Field (specified below)+Desired Position, e.g., Zhang, San+Microeconomic Theory+Assistant Professor.

When submitting your applications, please specify ONE of the following fields as your primary research field: artificial Intelligence, behavioral and experimental economics, big data analysis, development economics, econometrics, environmental economics, finance and financial economics, health economics, industrial organization, international finance, international trade, labor economics, macroeconomics, microeconomic theory, political economics, public economics, insurance, economic history, and urban economics.

Application Deadline: November 20, 2020

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