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  發布日期:2020-04-27  瀏覽次數:

Announcement of Summer School 2020

by School of Economics (SOE), Fudan University



Application portal: CLICK HERE

1. Introduction

In 2020, the School of Economics (SOE) of Fudan University is going to provide a series of summer courses online in economics, finance, management and quantification.

Most of these courses are selected from the Fudan International Summer Session 2020 (which has already been cancelled) with almost the same faculty members and course syllabus.

2. Program Time

July 6-31, 2020

3. Language of Instruction


4. Eligibility

Applicants over 18 years old who are interested in economy, finance, management and quantification.

5. Teaching Method

Online teaching LIVE STREAM

6. Assessment and Grading

Assessment is decided by the course instructor with no more than 40% of A and A- for each class.

7. Course Selection Rules:

1) No more than 7 Fudan credits;

2) The program office will evaluate course selections in early June. If the number of applicants for a particular course does not meet the minimum requirement, the program office has the right to cancel the course and notify the students.

8. Certificate

After successful completion of the program, students will obtain certificate and transcript from Fudan University (non-degree education).

9. Steps of Application:

       The program recruits both international and Chinese applicants.

       1. Applicants with foreign passports

          a) Apply through http://admission.iso.fudan.edu.cn/front/toLogin.do?ptUserId=33  with code 184953. The applicants will need to complete the application form and pay the application fee (RMB400, nonrefundable unless the program is canceled).

          b) The program office will assess the application and confirm the course selection choice with the applicants through email.

          c) The university International Student Office will assess the application to make the final admission decision.

          d) Applicants will receive Admission Notice through email once admitted.

         * Please note as this is an online program, there will be NO visa documents issued by the university for international travelling.

      2. Applicants with Chinese passports (inc. HK/TW/MO): please follow the below steps to complete the application.


Applicants who have been admitted by Fudan  International Summer Session 2020 or Fudan Summer Camp on Chinese Economy and  Society 2020

New applicants


Application deadline: 24:00, June 14, 2020, Beijing Time


Carefully read through the Course List & Selection Guidance and Course Syllabus.

*Please download the files at the bottom of this page.


Fill in and submit the online application (including your FINAL decision on course selection) and pay the application fee (RMB 400) through the Application Platform of Fudan University.


Upon approval of your course selection by the program office, you will get admission directly with NO submission of more application materials.

Upon approval of your online application and course selection by the program office, you will be notified by an email to submit application materials.


Upon approval of your application   materials, you will receive the admission notice.


Pay the tuition fee before the deadline notified in the admission notice.


The program office will review the course selections and adjust course offerings in early June. Applicants will be notified with the updated course list in time. If a course is closed, applicants can either choose another course or apply for full refund of tuition (the application fee will NOT be refunded unless the program is cancelled).

10. Fee and Payment:

1) Application fee: 400 RMB (nonrefundable unless the program is cancelled).

2) Tuition Fee: 15180 RMB (or 14680 RMB for students from Fudan partner universities with valid university enrollment certificate).

3) Deadline for Tuition Payment: tuition should be paid before the deadline notified in the admission notice. Otherwise it will be deemed as withdrawal.

4) Refund Policy:

Amount of refund

Condition (all Beijing time)

Full refund of application fee and tuition fee

The program is cancelled

Full refund of tuition fee

The courses which the applicants have chosen are closed and refund request is made before 24:00 June 14, 2020.

Refund request for ANY personal reasons:

50% of the tuition

Refund request made before 24:00 June 21, 2020.

25% of the tuition

Refund request is made from June 22 to   24:00 July 5, 2020.

No refund

Refund request is made on and after July 6, 2020

5) Payment method: All the payment should be made via Fudan Payment Service Platform or to the designated Fudan University bank account.  

If you have any questions, please contact the program office through:

1. Email: econcamp@fudan.edu.cn

2. Tel: 86-021-5566-5631

3. Wechat:


We are sorry that we cannot have the opportunity to welcome you on campus this summer, but hope to see you “virtually” this July!



School of Economics

Fudan University


1. Course List


Fudan Credit

Probability and Statistics




Quantitative Risk Management


International Finance


Industrial Organization


Fundamentals of Marketing


China's Modern Economy


International Trade


Foundation of Data Science


Corporate Finance


Introduction to AI


 2. Course Syllabus

Please see attachment below ↓

3. Course Selection Guidance 

Please see attachment below ↓